Terms and Conditions


Training and workshops are given in accordance with the ethical standards of SLCC.

Participants are responsible for their own well-being.


These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements between Systemic Leadership Connection Center (hereinafter referred to as “SLCC”) and participants in education, training courses, workshops, webinars and other forms of education and training (hereinafter referred to as “participant”).

Participant is the person who actually participates in the education / training / webinar.

Information and questions

Participants can at any time, ask admin questions and obtain information or consult about education possibilities. If the participant does this in writing (by email), the participant will receive a response / reply as soon as possible, but no later than 3 working days after receipt by SLCC. If the processing of the question takes more than 3 working days, the participant will receive a message with an indication of when the participant can expect a detailed answer.

Conclusion of the agreement

The agreement is confirmed by following the registration procedure via the website. After registering via the website, the participant will receive a confirmation email. If necessary, SLCC will contact the participant about the follow-up.

A registration is final when the participant has received written confirmation (by e-mail) of the definitive participation.

After registering for webinars and workshops, the invoice amount must be paid immediately online.

For education and training programs, the total invoice amount must be paid within 14 working days after the confirmation email is received, unless agreed otherwise (for example, payment in installments) between SLCC and the participant.

Waiting list

If the training is fully booked at the time of registration, the participant will be placed on a waiting list and the participant will receive a digital notification of this.

As soon as a place becomes available, participants will be contacted based on their position on the waiting list.

Interruption of training by the participant

A training course can only be taken as a whole. A missed (part of a) module cannot be made up. The participant is responsible for his or her own learning. Participants can come up with a proposal to make up for the missed course units.

Interrupting and continuing a course in a later schedule is only possible in consultation and in exceptional circumstances such as long-term illness, a significant accident of the participant and / or the death of immediate relatives.

If a participant is allowed to interrupt a course and wants to complete the course in a following group, the full costs for one course plus the costs for the blocks taken later, will be paid first. If the training is cancelled by the participant, no refund of the training costs will be given.


Cancellation of education / training to be started by participant

Cancellation can only be done in writing or by email and is only final after SLCC has confirmed this.

The participant has the right to dissolve the agreement free of charge without giving any reason during 14 working days after the confirmation of the agreement.

If canceled by the participant up to 45 calendar days before the start of the training, the participant will receive a refund of the training costs, reduced by 10%.

n the case of cancellation between 44 and 30 calendar days before the start of the course, 50% of the participation costs are due.

In the case of cancellation between 29 and 14 calendar days before the start of the course, 75% of the participation costs are due.

No refund is possible in the case of cancellation within 14 calendar days before the start of the training or withdrawal during the training.

Cancellation workshop / webinar

In the case of cancellation after the invoice has been sent to the participant, an administration fee of € 15.00 will be charged.

Cancellation and cancellation of participation can only be done in writing or by email.

Cancellation up to 21 calendar days before the start of the workshop is free of charge.

In case of cancellation between 20 and 14 calendar days before the start of the workshop, 50% of the participation costs are due.

If you cancel within 14 calendar days before the start of the workshop or withdraw during the workshop, no refund is possible.

If you are unable to participate due to compelling private circumstances, you can search for participation on a different date for the same workshops in consultation.

Cancellation and / or interruption of training by SLCC

SLCC has the right, within reason, to cancel the training or refuse participation of a participant, in which case the participant is entitled to reimbursement of the entire amount paid by the participant to SLCC. If a course is cancelled, the participant will receive a written message about the possible alternatives.

SLCC has the right – with reasons given – to replace trainers scheduled for the course with other trainers of the same calibre.

When SLCC interrupts a course or ends prematurely, the participant is entitled to a refund of training days not yet taken, or a replacement offer of (online) training days.

Special circumstances

SLCC reserves the right to cancel or interrupt in special circumstances, such as the (temporary) closure of the training center by measures imposed by the government, training, (online) workshop or (online) training.

In the event of cancellation, the participant is entitled to a refund of the amount already paid to the SLCC in proportion to the days not delivered.

Where possible SLCC offers in these kinds of special circumstances an online, full alternative, on the planned days. In that case SLCC hereby guarantees the progress of current courses on all planned class days and there is no right to a refund.

In the case of cancellation SLCC is not responsible for costs already incurred by the participant such as airline tickets and hotel bookings.

SLCC is not responsible for loss of income of participant in case of cancellation.


SLCC charges the participation costs by means of an invoice.

After receipt of the invoice sent by SLCC, the participant is obliged to pay the total costs associated with the relevant training before the starting date of the training or by mutual agreement with SLCC if the participant is willing to join after the start date has already expired.

A spread payment is possible in consultation for the courses. Payment in installments does not release participants from the obligation to pay the full training costs.

There are no additional costs associated with payment in installments.

The full amount must be paid two weeks before the last block of training.

When paying by a third party, the participant remains responsible that the full amount is paid.

The workshops and training courses include coffee, tea and lunch.

Travel, accommodation and accommodation costs are not included in the participation costs, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Course material is included in the price. This does not apply to the compulsory and recommended literature.


The copyright to the brochures, training materials, handbooks, handouts and any other written materials used in the training, hereinafter referred to as “materials”, is held by SLCC, unless another copyright holder has indicated the work itself.

Without the written permission of SLCC, the participant will not publish or multiply in any way data from the materials in any form. The copyright on offers, reports, proposals, etc. that arise from the activities of SLCC rests exclusively with SLCC.

The course material provided remains in the possession of the participant.