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Daria Les

Operations and development

Marta Uxó de la Yglesia

Spanish speaking relations

Maya van der Heijdt — Vasilyeva

Learning programs, founder

Who are we and where do we go?


We are a group of associates practising the systemic-phenomenological approach founded by Bert Hellinger and the method of societal constellations developed by Jan Jacob Stam.

Our goal is to become a source that contributes to the people's and organisation's consciousness expansion, co-creation and peace.

  • we share systemic knowledge

We would like to contribute to the popularization of the systemic-phenomenological approach and introduce its power to people by selecting and offering learning and transformational programs.


  • we create space for the potential of people and organisations to unfold

We invite people and organisations to explore the benefits of looking at a problem/question from a systemic point of view. By perceiving systemically it is possible to identify and release the blockages to let the potential flow.


  • we connect for systemic insights, integration and innovation

The essence of Systemic work is to include all parts of the system. We intend to start a movement towards better understanding of the world, represented by different cultures.

Our Team

Marta Uxó de la Yglesia
Spanish speaking relations, partner
Jeroen Vermeer
Dutch speaking relations,    partner
Jason C.Meek
English speaking relations,  partner
Maya van der Heijdt - Vasilyeva
Russian speaking relations, founder



Systemic Leadership Connection Center was registered in January 2023 in the Netherlands.

The events, that led founder - Maya van der Heijdt - Vasilyeva to founding:


  • Meeting Jan Jacob Stam at his workshop “Organisational constellations”, November 2016
  • Taking part in Systemic Dynamics in Organisations at Bert Hellinger Institute (the Netherlands), master’s and trainer’s trainings and participation in the international peer’s group lead by Harald Rossing and Jeroen Vermeer, 2017 - 2019
  • Foundation of Systemic Leadership Center Russia, translating books, hosting of Anton de Kroon’s systemic coaching seminars in Moscow and St.Petersburg, 2020
  • Moving learning programs online from the first days of covid pandemic and facilitation of online group for systemic professionals, 2020
  • Partnership with Iveta Apine and intention to work together internationally, 2020 - 2022
  • The organisation of 5 societal constellation’s workshops facilitated by Jan Jacob Stam from the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, 2022 - 2023
  • Partnership with Bibi Schreuder and idea to connect people from different countries, 2022-2023

Participation in international events:


  • International Conference Organisational Constellations «Flying the Kites», 26 – 28 April 2018, Wiesloch, Germany
  • Re-Thinking Healthcare, 8-9 June 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • IOCTI 2018 Slovenia, 7 - 14 October 2018 Bled, Slovenia
  • Pioneers weekend, 27-29 May 2019, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • International Systemic Congress «Timeless in the We», 12 -13 May 2023, Doorn, the Netherlands

Guest trainers

Iveta Apine

Iveta Apine

Founder and director of the Systemic Constellations Center Riga, affiliated trainer of the Bert Hellinger Institute (the Netherlands), business trainer, consultant, constellator, coach, has been consulting people and organizations for more than 20 ye...
Stephan Hausner

Stephan Hausner

Stephan Hausner is a world-renowned facilitator and trainer of Systemic Constellations, working in the field since 1993 and passing on his experience in more than 45 countries.
Anton de Kroon

Anton de Kroon

Anton de Kroon - business consultant, coach, author of books, author of training methods, former trainer of the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands, practitioner with more than 35 years of experience.
Bibi Schreuder

Bibi Schreuder

Bibi Schreuder - co-founder, co-owner and trainer at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands, where thousands of professionals in systemic awareness had been trained and guided.
Jan Jacob Stam

Jan Jacob Stam

Jan Jacob Stam - world-known researcher of societal systems. Implements systemic innovations and awakens systemic consciousness in the organisations.