parts of one fate

Jan Jacob Stam: “What do you think about the idea that we all are parts of one fate? And what if we apply this concept to people who are invasive or aggressive?”

Last December, when Jan Jacob facilitated societal constellations for a Russian speaking audience, we had a question about integration of Russia into the global community. Last Wednesday we came together under totally different circumstances, with a new reality approaching us. 

For the first time, English speaking people from all over the world came to my Zoom space to meet with Russian and Ukrainian people. It was a beautiful and fruitful gathering and it was surprising for me that people from a totally different cultural background were chosen to represent elements concerning the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. 

As a group we contained the situation when a participant from Ukraine, while representing, suddenly has to leave due to an air raid alert. 

And at the end of the constellation the case-giver said: “I don’t want to see the element “undigested pain of Russia” because if I see it, I might be able to forgive. And I actually don’t want to...”

The theme of the second constellation was “A human being is looking for a place in this world”. I felt relieved when Jan Jacob said: “Migration is a big service to the world that wants to emerge. It is a big service to the world beyond that what has already been constructed. So how can we look upon or use or add these movements of migration to the next version of this world?”

Maya van der Heijdt - Vasilyeva

14 of March 2022